Reiki in Medicine

Elaine Bowler Reiki is a Reiki Master Teacher and also an Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner.  With a strong focus on Reiki treatments as a complementary therapy helping to promote balance and improve quality of life, in additiona to your existing care-plan or self-care routine.

Whether you are seeking relief from physical pain, emotional stress, or simply want to improve your overall quality of life, reiki treatments may be of benefit. 

During a Reiki treatment, when your body relaxes, it is able to access its own self-healing ability. The Reiki energy flows to restore balance in the energetic systems of the body, and producing a relaxation effect upon the parasympathetic nervous system; by reducing stress within the body, this downgrades the flight or fight response in the body, and allows it to reach a rest & repair state. This effect has been measured and recorded scientifically in studies; by taking the blood pressure rates of patients before and after receiving Reiki treatments.

Reiki treatments as part of your self-care toolbox, can have an immense positive impact on your health, when used in addition to your existing care plan. Many hospitals and medical settings are now integrating Reiki treatments as part of their patient care programs, leading to improved overall health outcomes.

Further medical and scientific studies are also being conducted into the effectiveness of Reiki treatments, and the unique benefits of Reiki reported by patients receiving Reiki treatments as part of their medical care plan, in controlled medical studies, by Harvard University, USA. Since the benefits of Reiki in medicine are becoming more widely recognised in healthcare, Reiki is also currently taught to those studying medicine at both Harvard and Yale Medical Universities, to help imrpove patient care and utlimately improved health outcomes for patients. Reiki Australia also has Reiki research papers available for your reference if you wish to learn more about medical Reiki in Australia.

Further information regarding the use of Reiki in Medicine, and medical research papers are widely available, and some of the links are included below for your reference. Pamela Miles is widely respected in the Medical industry regarding her work to highlight professional Reiki treatments and their ability to complement traditional medical care. She is a profound influence in the integration of teaching Reiki at Harvard Medical School, Reiki in Medicine.

Raven Keyes was also largely instrumental in bringing a wide awaress of the benefits of Reiki in medicine and health care facilities. More information regarding studies about Medical Reiki works can also be found here.

Reiki is currently being integrated into more medical settings including hospitals and clinics  medical settings including hospitals and clinics, with more than 900 hospitals offering it in Australia, the USA, UK, Ireland, Brazil, and Mexico. Reiki is also offered in Children’s hospitals, Hospital Emergency Rooms, Pre-Op, Operating rooms, Post Op, Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Dialysis, Integrative Medicines, and Palliative Care.

In 2020, only 6 Australian hospitals offered Reiki treatments to patients, and as of 2023, that number has more than doubled to also include Solaris Cancer Care, St. John of God, Fiona Stanley Hospital WA, and many more Aged Care facilities, Hospitals and Palliative care settings. Ballarat's Grampians Health, also offers Reiki treatments to their patients at the BRICC wellness centre as part of their community wellness support programs.  For a 3 month term, I volunteered providing complementary Professional Reiki treatments to Ballarat hospital patients within the BRICC Wellness centre every Thursday from September to December 2023. Thank you to all the lovely clients I had the privilege and pleasure to hold sacred Reiki space for during treatment sessions, & thank you to all the other hospital volunteers that welcomed me.

Reiki is intelligent energy and it flows to wherever it is most needed within the body at that particular moment; flowing to the areas of stagnant energy and bottles up emotions, which allows this dense energy to be cleared and released, and improves overall well being.

Reiki sessions can be a very effective treatment to help cope with chronic pain; the Reiki energy allows the body to relax into a rest and repair state, lowering levels of stress and anxiety, which then also reduces pain levels. Regular Reiki healing  sessions can also have an accumulative effect, lowering stress, improving sleep, and also boosting immunity, by preventing a build up of stagnant energy within the body.

Reiki treatments can also have a positive impact on health by reducing stress during pregnancy, it can also help improve recovery after Labour, Childbirth and also to support new mothers and parents in their parenthood journey and as part of their post natal care. Many women who also suffer from PCOS and Endo, have also reported their unique benefits of having Reiki treatments to help them cope with the debilitating symptoms of their chronic illness, as it can help to reduce stress and anxiety, leading to reduced pain, improving quality of sleep, and promotes balance and well-being. 

Simply by adding a Reiki treatment as part of your self-care toolbox or to your existing medical care plan, You can make a positive difference in your own life. 

I am blessed and privileged for this opportunity to be able to hold space, and provide a caring, compassionate and nurturing sanctuary for you to begin your journey to achieve optimal health.

Reiki hands above clients head, Reiki healing words above clients body