More About Lainey ...

I am a very spiritual person, and I embraced my spiritual journey early in my teens, and I have continued studying and exploring all types of spiritual & esoteric practice, and Psychic Development & Mediumship, which eventually led me to discover my passion and calling; Reiki.

I first discovered Reiki when I began volunteering with animal rescues, and I attended an “Shelter Animals Reiki & Rehabilitation" course, as part of a Foster Carer Program. A few years later, Reiki returned into my life when I needed it most and accidentally attended a Practitioner Reiki share event. The host of the Reiki event kindly explained all about Reiki and allowed me to stay and to participate. Receiving Reiki energy healing from multiple people at the same time, was the most profoundly, amazing, powerful, Spiritual healing moment I had ever experienced in my life, at that point in time. I began having regular Reiki treatments as part of my wellness plan, to help improve my mental and physical health.

In late 2020, I finally was able to attend in-person training to study Reiki and was initiated into Level One of Reiki, and immediately began a daily self-reiki practice and embraced the healing powers of Reiki which has a remarkable effect, helping me to improve my mental health. 

The universe orchestrated a Chance meeting with my future Reiki Master, by selecting me to win a competition that had already closed, winning a Spiritual Mediumship Reading in mid 2021.  I was guided to continue to study the art of Reiki and to find a different Reiki Master teacher that I felt a connection with, who just happened to the same person that gave me the reading.

When the time finally arrived to study Level two Reiki with my Master Teacher, the most profound synchronistic moment of my life occurred. Upon meeting, we discovered that we both originally came from Scotland, the same village, and even the same street. It was even more amazing that we both had lived in the same house and even had the exact same bedroom, and we both even remembered the house's phone number!  Apparently, my family had bought the house from her family. My Spirit Guides definitely know how to get my attention, as not only does Sue teach Reiki, but is also an accomplished Spiritual Medium and teaches Mediumship!! This was a hugely profound moment of synchronicity and I believe it is a true sign from Reiki that I had finally found my true path and my souls purpose; to help others through serving with Reiki.

Earlier this year, I was also invited to apply to become a Director with Reiki Australia. I am proud to be inducted as the newest Director on the board. I will be serving a 3-year term, and I am proud to be part of such a progressive, supportive and inspiring team, working towards raising the profile of Reiki as a powerful healing modality and complementary medicine within the healthcare industry.

I love the outdoors, camping, gardening and bush-walking with my dog. I practise yoga, meditate and love reading and collecting books of all different genres. I'm a highly spiritual person, a Sensitive & Empath, and I'm currently studying to further develop my Psychic Mediumship abilities. I'm also passionate about Animal Rescue, Environmental Issues and LGBTQ+ rights.

My partner & I are both keen history buffs and love to explore the old historical sites in the area and enjoy conducting Paranormal investigations with all the tech gear. 

Reiki has helped to empower me to become an active participant in my healthcare, and to realise the importance of creating a healthy life for myself. I am deeply committed to my daily personal Reiki  practice, for self-healing and as a Spiritual Practice.

I am also grateful for the opportunity to complete a 3-month term of volunteering Reiki services at the local hospital in the Cancer Wellness Centre from September to December, 2023. I am blessed to have received this opportunity to be able to support and hold sacred Reiki healing space for others during their journey, while navigating their health conditions. Thank you to all the lovely clients that I had the pleasure to connect with. 

I am proud to have had the opportunity to complete further study of Reiki & in October 2023, I was initiated into Master/ Teacher Level, which has been also an incredible experience and journey filled with blessings and healing. Reiki is truly a gift I am blessed to receive and grateful to be able to share with others.

I am also currently undertaking further training & development regarding Animal Reiki & communication.

So stay tuned for further updates!

I am so blessed that Reiki found me, becoming part of my personal spiritual healing practice, guiding me forward for my highest good. To me, Reiki is the Light guiding me out of the dark, and reignited my inner spark and passion for life. Reiki has taught me Unconditional Love for myself, to fill my own cup first and to continue my healing journey, and to share Reiki to inspire others to begin their own healing process.

Live your truth, let your inner fire spark and Shine Bright Be-You-tiful Soul's, Lainey xxx