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Welcome to Elaine Bowler Reiki, where we offer a holistic approach to health and well-being, through the ancient Japanese practice of Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation and stress reduction through energy balancing.

It is a powerful, yet gentle, non-invasive holistic therapy which safely complements conventional medical care & veterinary care.

✨ Why Am I Passionate About Reiki?

I believe in the power of energy healing, as I've seen how it has helped to improve my own health and well-being in many different levels, but also the positive effects that Reiki can have upon the lives of others and also their animal companions. 

Reiki helps people find balance and peace. Whether it's relief from stress and anxiety, as a self-care tool or to help alleviate physical pain, Reiki has a gentle way of helping, exactly what the receiver needs in that special moment, restoring balance to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems of the body.🌿 

In each session at Elaine Bowler Reiki, each session is intuitively guided and specifically tailored to each clients unique requirements. This journey of letting go and healing is uniquely beautiful and profound. I see people release what no longer serves them, allowing them to open up to receive the gentle healing energy, becoming balanced and aligned with their best version of themselves. 

For me, seeing others heal and grow brings deep joy, and its a privilege to hold sacred space, and create a safe, calming and nurturing environment for every healing session, regardless of the location. 

As an Empath & highly Spiritual person, I also provide a Professional and compassionate onsite mobile Reiki service. I can liaise with nursing staff to facilitate patient & group family healing sessions for Palliative Care & End-of-Life vigils, holding sacred space during this difficult time.

I currently provide a convenient mobile onsite service within the Ballarat community in Medical & Healthcare settings, Aged care, Palliative Care, and at your work place or at home. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about Reiki treatment sessions for you and your animal companion, so please reach out to discuss booking your session today. 

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself that you can be? Let's connect soon.

Shine Bright Be-You-tiful Souls, Lainey x


Usui Reiki Master Teacher &

Animal & Equine Reiki Practitoner


Events in 2024 - 

Reiki Shares for all levels,

Selfcare & Meditation workshops

Meditation & Breathwork workshops

Group Reiki sessions

Energy Healing Workshops in person & online.


While Reiki can do no harm, it is a complementary treatment, and does not replace medical care from a licensed professional. It is important to first seek medical advice regarding any health concerns that you may have, Prior to commencing any new holistic therapies.

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Reiki Services Price list

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Animal & Equine Reiki sessions


onsite appointments starting from

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Holistic healing for animals to support their well being. Specialising in providing Reiki Treatment sessions to support the mental, emotional well-being of recently adopted animals & rescue animals. Facilitating respectful Heart Soul Bonding. Animal Led Reiki sessions vary greatly from sessions with humans, as consent is sought as the sovereignty & autonomy of the animal is respected, particularly to help support the rebuilding of trust with human companions. A sacred healing space is created through intention & the animal is invited to join in a Reiki meditation, freely walking in & around the Practitioner healing space. Touch is only used when initiated by the animal. Experience the gentle compassionate loving space created for families, and their companion animal family members mental, physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. A convenient mobile service providing onsite appointments to locations within the Ballarat community. Reiki group sessions for individual animals, family animal groups & their humans. Within 48 hours of the completion of the session, you will also be emailed a brief summary of the Reiki session which may also include intuitive psychic messages & insights gained from your companion animals communicated to me during the session. .


Energy healing

Relaxation sessions

Enhances Veterinary Treatments

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Distance Reiki Treatment



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Relax in the comfort of your own home & experience the benefits of a full Reiki treatment, conducted remotely. Connecting through an online video conferencing platform, a short consultation takes place, to discuss your specific personal needs. You will then be guided through a short breath-work exercise & visualisation to help you settle & relax. Allow the gentle nurturing energy to replenish, restore and harmonise your energy centres, and cleanse your energy field. A powerful & convenient way to experience the relaxing & healing benefits of Reiki, without the hassle of travel. Appointments available world-wide. You will also receive an emailed PDF summary of the session within 48 hours. Remote session via Video-conferencing. Now only $60 until June 30, 2024. The full price of $70 applies after this date.





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Healthcare & Medical settings - Reiki Treatments


within 15km of Ballarat CDB - from

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Personalised Reiki treatment session at your preferred healthcare facility, rehabilitation centre, palliative care and for hospice care at home. Energy healing can safely complement all medical treatments & gently supports Spiritual, mental, emotional & physical well being. A Medical Bed or recliner is required at location. These sessions are a gentle, comforting & often a deeply calming Spiritual experience particularly for those navigating the difficulties associated with an End-of-life transition. A gentle non-invasive & compassionate onsite service supporting patients through life-altering illnesses & transitions. Available in 30, 60 & 90 minute sessions for individuals and for family group members.





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