Completion of Shinpiden - Reiki Master Teacher

Nov 15, 2023

In October I travelled to Melbourne to attend a Reiki retreat where myself, and other Reiki students were able to complete our training & initiated into the 3d degree of Usui Reiki -Shinpiden.

Day One - I woke to a beautiful morning in Melbourne, and watched air-ballons rising across the horizon as the sun rose. I shared coffee on the balcony with an inquisitive Raven with a slightly damaged feathers on her tail. She strutted over confidently and made herself comfortable watching my every move, perched on the rail. As I completed my morning ritual, and began my own self-Reiki treatment, I sudenly felt an energetic presence nearby, within my energy field.

When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see the raven preening her feathers sitting only inches away. Clearly confident that I was no threat to her, she had hopped over even closer to me, gazing at me intently and was now sitting on the arm of the outdoor chair. Clearly trying to soak up the reiki energy flowing through me. (All animals love Reiki, as energy is their first language. My own pets love to demand their personal session!)

She stayed there for at least 5 minutes, and began preening herself, as i watched with half-closed eyes, savouring this beautiful connection with a wild bird. Intuitively I felt she had once been someones pet, or had been hand reared at some time. As if to give me confirmation my thoughts, she stepped forward slowly, bowed her head into my hand and gently give me a shiny key-ring missing its charm. She bowed again and placed her head into my hands, bobbing her head and neck up and down for a scratch for a brief moment. The raven flew top the railing extended both her wings fully stretching, cawed 3 times and flew away. What a Blessing to receive from the universe and a truly magickal moment!

Brunch, Coffee, Food and training....

I was finally able to re-connect in person with my Reiki Master-Teacher, Sue who had moved interstate, but had travelled back to Victoria for this event. Yay!  I was also looking forward to finally meeting the other Reiki students in the class, Sue W, Erin, Dee, Emma, & Nuccia. After introductions, and COFFEE! Sue finally had our undivided attention and training began as the was much information to recap and learn. After a huge day, we were all energized and buzzing from the combined positive energy.

That evening we all went to dinner together, chatted, laughed and bonded over sharing our stories. The food was delicious, & thanks to Nuccia's knowledge of the area, we certainly were not disappointed in the culinary delights or menus.

Day 2 - Training continued, and then on completion, Sue then presented each of us with our new Reiki Master Certificates. With much clapping, laughter and tears, we somehow managed to take the obligatory photos. We had decided to end the day and chose to have lunch together to celebrate our newest achievement.  My heart was bursting with gratitude for the truly empowering experience that we shared, and the new friendships that I made. Reiki has a truly wonderful way of bringing exactly the right people into my life, at exactly the right time. That is the synchronicity of the universe..

It was a lovely weekend filled with so many beautiful & magickal moments.

True mastery does not exist, for it is a life-long learning journey of living the Gokai, and to embody the Reiki precepts in all aspects of life.  Just for today.... Be Reiki.

As some wise old green dude once said to his students:

‘Do or Do Not, there is No try’.